Printing ,publishing and sale of books

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GST rate

Sale of printed books Nil
Printing service (content only provided) 12%
Printing service ,binding and publishing etc 18%

In the case of printing of books, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports, and the like, where
only content is supplied by the publisher or the person who owns the usage rights to the
intangible inputs while the physical inputs including paper used for printing belong to the printer,
supply of printing [of the content supplied by the recipient of supply] is the principal supply and
therefore such supplies would constitute supply of service falling under heading 9989 of the
scheme of classification of services.

Other type of printing

1) Printed Vinyl, One Way Vision, BACKLIT, Printed Clear vinyl –

HSN code – 3919909 @ 18%

2) Printed Vinyl paste on Sunboard –

HSN code -39219029@ 18%

3) Printed Flex and Printed Sunboard –

HSN code – 49111090@ 12%

4) Printed Flex or Printed GSB Board with Iron Frame –

HSN code – 73012090@ 18%

5) Aluminium Rollup Standee With Printed Flex –

HSN code – 76169090@ 18%

6) Acrylic Sandwich Board –

HSN code – 39205111@ 18%

7) LED Board ( electric sound or visual signalling apparatus)

HSN code – 85312000@ 28%




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