Clause 139 of Finance Bill, 2023

S. 132 amended so as to decriminalize offences in clause (g), (j) and (k) of the said sub-section

(g) Obstructs or prevents any officer in the discharge of his duties under this Act

(j)Tampers with or destroys any material evidence o documents

(k) Fails to supply any information OR Supplies False information •

Increase the monetary threshold for launching prosecution for the offences under the said Act from Rs.100 Lakh to Rs.200 Lakh(except for the offences related to issuance of invoices without supply of goods o services or both)

(iii) in the case of any other offence an offence specified in clause(b) where the amount of tax evaded or the amount of input tax cred it wrongly availed or utilized or the amount of refund wrongly taken exceeds one hundred lakh rupees but does not exceed two hundred lakh rupees,with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 1 year and with fine.

Applicable wef 1.10.2023