Article Marketing

Having a web site is not going to make you rich. First you need traffic. If you have study flow of visitors to your web site, you can convert them to money.
Article Marketing is a good way to get traffic to your web site and make money too. Article Marketing is writing articles and publishing them on article directory web sites. Some of the advantages of doing this are
1. People consider you as an expert in the subject.
2. Article Directory sites have high traffic and search engines consider them authority sites. So if you have an article published on these web sites, you will get back links from search engines.
3. Many web sites republish articles from article directory. This will give you more links to your web site.
4. Don’t write just one article, get it published and wait for magic to happen. Write more articles, it will take some time to see the results.
5. If visitor like your article, they will visit your web site or blog to find more about you.
6. Since visitors consider you as an expert, they will consider recommendations made by you as expert advice. You can recommend them products or service, this can generate affiliate commission.

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