New Record for Startup Village: 500 Plus Applicants in March 2014

Kochi-based Startup Village has received a record 527 applications in March from young entrepreneurs keen to set up technology businesses. In February, 286 would-be entrepreneurs expressed interest in signing up with the incubation programme at Startup Village while it  doubled  the number of applications over one month The success stories of companies nurtured by incubators such […]

CapAleph Indian Millennium SME Fund

CapAleph Indian Millennium SME Fund is a  domestic private equity fund targeting investments into  food and agriculture businesses and other relevant businesses in India.It is partnered with Meeran Family Trust, of Eastern Condiments. The trust will also collaborate with CapAleph to set up a dedicated accelerator to incubate and support early stage entrepreneurship in selected entrepreneurial ventures in […]

Startup Draft Policy 2014

Kerala Technology Start up Policy 2014-Draft This policy aims to create a world class scientific and technology ecosystem that would empower and enable its youth to pursue their dreams within the state. The Government of Kerala aims to provide an ecosystem where the youth of the state can reach his or her maximum potentials. Kerala […]

Cyberpark kozikode,Kerala

Cyber park Kozhikode a kerala Government IT/ITES facility is going to be a major post production center. Pune based Montura VFX which has associated with Hollywood films like Harry potter ,Spiderman etc has opened its production unit at the cyber park. Some other multimedia and visual effect companies are showing interest in setting up a […]